What's UI

UI design (or interface design) refers to the overall design of software's human-computer interaction, operation logic, and beautiful interface. UI design is divided into physical UI and virtual UI. The commonly used UI design on the Internet is virtual UI, which is the abbreviation of User Interface (User Interface).
Good UI design not only makes the software unique and tasteful, but also makes the operation of the software comfortable, simple and free, and fully reflects the positioning and characteristics of the software.

Literally it consists of two parts: user and interface, but in fact it also includes the interactive relationship between user and interface, so it can be divided into three directions: user research, interaction design, interface design.

Website Template Framework
Website CI Plan & Solutions
Domain/Hosting Mailbox
VIS Design
Animation Banner Design
Flash Website Design
Following are our website design price range for your reference:
Responsive website design

VIS Philosophy ,Target of Enterprise

We specialize in traditional printed media design (Leaflet Design, Poster Design, Booklet Design, Namecard Design, Logo Design, Brochure Design, etc.).

Standard business website

Advertising Materials Design

About RMB1000+ ~2000+

  1. A4 Leaflet, 1 sided;
  2. A4 Leaflet, 2 sided;
  3. VI Design(negotiable);
  4. Booklet Design(negotiable);
E-commerce website

Corporate Image Design

Logo Design :RMB3000+

  1. Logo Design;
  2. Brochure Cover and Back;
  3. Namecard Design, 2 sided;
  4. Banner Design;