Our Strength

Taking innovation as the core,Specializing in high quality

Our Strength

Shenzhen Eall Tech Co., Ltd.

Established in April 2003, Ealltech is a network integration, planning, and interactive visual communication company. With innovation as our core, we provide our customers with high quality interactive design services through our professional flow and innovative visuals.

Specialized in high quality multimedia interactive and all-round web design, Eall also has a strong R & D design team and top-quality design professionals. For years our team has been active in the Shenzhen high-end website design, enterprise brand website, product display website. We have worked with businesses related to network interactive and creative industry, and several other fields such as network branding, network public relations, Internet reputation building, network unified brand promotion, plane ads, flash animation, interactive games, digital interactive, multimedia applications and internet technology research and development.

We are Committed to building more and better Internet brands, providing professional Internet brand proposal and using high standards of design, create the brand route with a true sense of direction, unremitting our efforts to create the greatest value for our customers internet brand in the interactive marketing field. We have over seven years of efforts & experience, and with nearly a thousand of cases experience, Eall has already become a famous network marketing interactive and brand design and planning company in domestic China, with very high reputation and public praise.

Our orientation

Best Creativity Internet Marketing

Eall website design

Specialized in high-quality natural website design, independent in technology development and application, user experience and interactive planning, large interactive website project operation, the development of complex custom demands. We have a focused, high-quality professional team, with internationalized vision : from good web application development engineers, senior web designers, to IT professionals. We have finished hundreds of web projects, and are experienced in website design, custom communication and project management.

医疗创新 以人为本

Our orientation

We would like to show you our warm and pleasant work atmosphere, invite you to understand our modern refined thinking, our spirit of creation, individuality, and the strong belief that out of knowledge comes our strength.

Good at group of wisdom, we hope that our team spirit is forever young. Truly, the Internet world is huge, but our thoughts always hold the basic idea: We refuse to be mediocre. So you can let your fantasies, inspiration, & imagination go unrestrained. Be free to change the way you dress, to change your hairstyle, to change the way you see yourself...Eall, with a strong atmosphere and unique creations, we will tailor for you an individual character and style, and make you look brand-new.

In Eall, we believe knowledge is power. The knowledge of our staff is the Eall’s favorite quality and our backbone, and the learning and knowledge of our management has become the most distinct difference of our company. You don’t need to worry about your accidental mistakes; the Eall team understands “failure is the mother of success”, and we will amplify your advantage, give you courage and more support, so as to help you learn from your failures, fix them, and pursue new success.

You must cultivate strong ambition. You should succeed, because you have self-confidence; you will be successful, because you have come to Eall. Work is no longer exhausting and tiring. Eall’s comfortable working environment is waiting for you: A friendly, warm team that will bring a little sunshine into your heart; So while we work, you can have a nice coffee; a stroll in the garden, a swim, do some exercise, or just let yourself feel relaxed and happy......

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our mission is to maintain a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment for all employees, creating awareness amongst the management and all members of staff of their rights and responsibilities.

We believe that the foundation of that environment exists at its heart, and includes awareness of employee rights, clean and safe facilities, and a management structure committed to both upholding those standards and also striving to find ways to improve them.

We subscribe to a high level of social awareness activity by engaging with organisations, such as local NGOs, that exist to enable us to maintain this target.


Combining network marketing strategy

China high-end web design

Why choose us

High price returns

Integrated Internet marketing is no longer about running a simple website. Even US President Obama employed an Integrated Internet strategy in his 2008 Presidential campaign so maybe your company should also do the same.

Instead of a marketing strategy that based on only websites, we believe that your company needs an integrated Internet marketing strategy. Eall can help you develop an integrated Internet marketing strategy making use of a variety of marketing techniques available on the Internet. We are experts of integrated Internet marketing and together, we can make your brand name known all over the world via integrated Internet marketing.

Today, companies are spending millions on building their websites and promoting their websites. However only very few companies can be able to their money’s worth from this kind of marketing strategy.

For most companies, their internet marketing services including domain name registration, virtual hosting, website construction and website promotion are provided by ISP’s as their packaged services. These packaged services have generated a lot of business for ISP’s and other internet marketing companies, however they have not provided much value added for the companies that they are supposed to serve. The reason is simple, these ISP’s and internet marketing companies don’t understand the marketing needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and their packaged services do not add value to their customers.

For example, in the current market, network advertising, competitive ranking, network name, internet keyword are hot topics for internet marketing. However these tools would not likely add much value to your marketing effort if they were not specifically designed and catered to your company’s particular needs. For many internet marketing companies and ISP’s, they would provide these services as a package without customizing to the needs of their individual clients. As a result, it is unlikely that their clients would get any real benefits from their services.

A truly cost- and- benefit effective internet marketing strategy must integrates the marketing techniques available on the internet with the marketing needs of the customers.

Eall has a team of high quality professional designers who are young and energetic. They have outstanding accomplishments in their various fields and most impressive of all is their creativity and dedication to their works.

Our elite designing team has years of experience in various industries working with multi-national companies. We are ready to take on any challenges in any designing projects for all sorts of industries.

Brand name is the ace of winning your competitions! Enhancing your brand name is a major weapon in market competition.

Brand name is what that sells a product.

Brand name is what that determines the price of a product.

SBrand name enables you to sell a product at a premium price with huge sale volume.

... ...

So what kind of brand name do you want for your company and your products?

Are your company and your brand name ready to face the competitions?

Is your brand name adding value to your products?

Is your brand name being known by your customers?

Is your brand name generating sales?

... ...

The graphic design of your brand is a powerful way to communicate with your customers.

The graphic design of your brand communicates the concept and value behind your brand to your customers. A design that doesn’t communicate to your customers is a failure.

A successful graphic design of your brand also makes a big impact on the customers.

Graphic design of a brand name is not only a matter of design and creativity, the designer must also pay attention to the followings:

Firstly, the design must be based on the core value of the brand itself. This requires the designers to have sufficient understand of the value behind the brand and incorporate this value into the design.

Secondly, the design must have a big impact on the customers. This requires the designers to have sufficient expertise on the psychology of the consumers and the behavior of the market.

Internet marketing picks up where traditional marketing has failed.

There are more opportunities and more money to be made in the cyber space.

What you need is a team of experts behind you.

Market leading cross-industry supporting team.

The ever changing Internet has changed the way we do business. The boundaries between industries has become blurred and traditional marketing services can’t satisfy the demands of today’s customers.

That’s where Eall comes into being by integrating network, interactive media, IT technology, advertising, planning, consulting, multi-media, R&D and other Internet services.

Market leading customer services

Eall provides onsite customer service for our customers. We insist a proactive stance in our approach to project implementation. Our designers work onsite with our customers to ensure there are zero communication gaps between our designers and customers. Working onsite enables us to know and understanding the needs of our customers to the best of our abilities.

Industry leading development team

Our development team comprised of professional system architects and experience web application developers who are well-versed with development technology such as PHP, .NET and Java. We are ready to meet any application development challenges to meet our customers'needs.

A brand not only needs a good concept, it also requires good graphic design that appeals to the customers.

Graphic design of a brand name is not only a matter of design and creativity, the designer must also pay attention to the followings:

Firstly, the design must be based on the core value of the brand itself. This requires the designers to have sufficient understand of the value behind the brand and incorporate this value into the design.

Secondly, the design must have a big impact on the customers. This requires the designers to have sufficient expertise on the psychology of the consumers and the behavior of the market.

How do some internet marketing companies offer such low prices for their services?

Let us examine what are the causes of the low prices.

Low prices coming from the use of generic templates. Some companies simply copy a template from the internet and use it as their own design without much customization at all. They might charge only 3000RMB for a website but one day you will find out that your website looks exactly the same as the next one.

Low prices coming from the lack of market research. A professional web design must be based on professional market research. Only by understanding your customers and your competitors through market research that the designing team can come up with a website which caters to the needs of your customers and distinguishes yourself from the competition.

Low prices coming from the use of free domain namespace. Be very careful when they give you the domain name for free. Are you sure the domain name is stable and fast to access? What if they are going to charge you an abnormally high“service”fee next year? By the time you find out that free lunch is not for free it is already too late.

Low prices which come at the cost of poor quality of the designing team. The price of hiring an experienced web designer is a lot different from the price of hiring someone who only knows how to use a web design software.

Low prices coming from lack of industry-specific design. Different industries have different kinds of customers and needs. For example a website designed for a company that sells industrial machines may require additional functionalities for its repairing services. Usually, companies offering low prices do not have the experience nor the time and effort to cater to different needs of different industries.

Low prices coming from the lack of search engine optimization. Without incorporating search engine optimization into the web page design, your website will hardly be reached by potential customers using search engines. This will severely limit the exposure of your website on the internet.

Low prices coming from lack of compatibility with popular browsers. If your customers use sometime other than IE to open the website, who knows what are they going to get?

Low prices coming at the cost of poor programming quality. Good programming quality not only makes your website operates smoothly, accurately and consistently. It also ensures data security which is very important nowadays.

Low prices coming from lack of good after-sales services if any. Good after-sales services mean more than just technical maintenance services. They should also include services such as tracking services, marketing advising services and technical guidance to help your company to run a better website providing better services to more customers.

Low prices coming from the lack of attention to details. Quite so often, it is the details that make or break a website design.

Simply put, you get what you paid for. Lower prices come at a cost of poor quality and services which translates into loss of business and image.It is much more beneficial for your company in the long run to pay a little more for a web design that really brings customer satisfaction.



1Can you perform your services for overseas clients?

Yes, sure, we can and we do! In our connected world distance is not a factor in conducting business from anywhere in the planet. The team at Eall.com.cn is as effective and responsive as your local team, we would say - even better ;). We provide support virtually 24 hours a day online by email, phone, chat (Skype, MSN, YIM). We will send you files so you can assess the development process right away.

We will follow the same business practice that we use for our local clients

  1. Enquiry
  2. Our proposal
  3. Your approval
  4. 60% down payment
  5. The first cut (draft design/project)
  6. Your feedback followed by your approval
  7. Rework according to your specifications, development & testing

We are as effective and responsive as your local team; we would like to say - even better ;)

2Where can I view your portfolio?

Please have a look in our portfolio you will find examples of our previous work when possible. Some websites might look slightly different as those sites might have been altered but we provide screenshots of the work we performed. If you would like to see some of our most recent work contact us and we would be happy showing you.

3How much and how do you charge?

Eall.com.cn's pricing is uniquely transparent and simple. We have nothing to hide; please visit our pricing and packages overview.

For example we do not charge by the number of pages, or based on the size of company. We believe that charging that way can be misleading and tricky, and we run a straight operation.

Eall.com.cn is upfront about what we can do and respect our client’s time and money, if we are not in position do a good job we will let you know before hand.

We don’t support “a free samples”, please read about 10 reasons.

Our payment structure follows as:

Small / Medium sized projects :60% when work starts, 30% payment once demo version launched, 10% remaining followed by our deployment.

Larger / Bespoke web application projects: 35% when work starts, 35% on a mutually agreed intermediate milestone, and 30% before a final project deployment.

Regarding payment methods, we are flexible – credit card, cash, check, bank transfer, or even barter if your offer fits our needs ;)

If you are not sure which services you require, just let us know. We will be happy to assist you!

4What is the typical development time of a website?

The development process depends on the package you choose and your requirements. A typical project last 25 to 35 working days, however this is our net development time, in most cases project lasts for longer due to our clients feedback or approval time. To get an accurate timeline for your project, contact us with your requirements.

5What technologies do you work with?

We prefer using open-source technologies such as PHP, MySQL, XHTML. For example we won't fool you that we have “a custom made content management system named “SuperTurboCMS” to justify that you need to spend more money.

And spend even more when you need do later modifications or just change CMS completely while changing other web development agency, as they wont understand previous system.

In fact we use freely available open source CMSs. Open-source technologies are cost-effective and supported by the community of developers worldwide. Nevertheless, we can accommodate any technology based on your requirements. In case we feel that we cannot do a good job, we are upfront about it, Quality, Ethics and Transparency drives our business!

6What is Eall.com.cn and what services you offer?

Shenzhen Eall Tech Co., Ltd.specialized in high quality multimedia interactive and all-round web design Please read more about us

The main services we provide are:

Web Application Development

Web Design

Identity building, logo design

Search engine optimization

Consultancy & Support

To learn more about each service, please visit our services page

7Do you optimize websites for search engines (SEO)?

Yes, we do and we are very good at that. All packages we offer include FREE basic search engine optimization (SEO). For advanced SEO services we have different packages depending on your targeted keywords, your current web site code, etc. Let us know and we will be happy to explain in details!

8Do you provide hosting too? Can I use my preferred web host but have the site built by you?

Yes of course! This is a service only for clients who hire us to develop or modify their sites only. Our staff will assist you in setting up your hosting, email accounts, database, etc. so you have peace of mind.

Can I use my preferred web host but have the site built by you?

Sure! Once we have built your site and delivered it, you are free to do what you think is the best.

9What if I only want to upgrade an existing website?

We perform minor changes FREE of charge on sites we develop. However, if the time taken for these changes exceeds 1 working hour, we will prepare a written proposal for it, containing project plan, scope, costs, and terms and conditions.

What if I want upgrades or changes to a website that has been developed by another agency? Yes we will work on others websites, however this will take more time depending on how it is coded.

10I don’t know exactly what I need. Can you help me?

Yes, of course and we will do it for free of cost. Let us know and we'll be glad to help within 24 working hours. Feel free to review our services.

11How about the legal side - non-disclosure agreements, contracts, etc.?

To be honest naturally both are available and even more. This helps to keep our business relationship transparent, safe and organized. With every project we take on there are always:

  1. Detailed proposal incl. deliverables, scope of work, time and cost
  2. Invoice
  3. Terms and Conditions
  4. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  5. Project site map
  6. Layout cut
  7. Visual draft